Linda McInally is an Australian, Brisbane-based artist.

Her artworks include painting, drawing, mixed media and installations. Linda’s practice is motivated by a curiosity that looks at and considers aspects of humanity. She is interested in the observation of human behaviour and impermanence.

Linda’s art often explores symbolic and abstracted ideas through inter disciplinary works that investigate self, the evolution of self, mortality and the human experience. A minimalist approach is often used to express ideas that also may include working with abstracted shapes, lines, colours and forms. The possibilities are endless.

This website visually displays Linda’s ideas, thoughts and reflections, across various aspects of life through its artworks. As a result, her creative process records and archives, her trace of being and life experience.

The images and text are protected under copyright ©. Any use, broadcast or reproduction of this site’s content is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Linda McInally.

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